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FFP3 NR Facemask | TPM Protective Butterfly Mask | Wit | 25-Pack

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FFP3 Facemasks offer the best possible protection! Highest filtration level( >99%) and even better then ffp2! Our certified facemasks protect you from bacteria and viruses. Hygienically sealed per piece and packed in a box of 25.
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FFP3 NR Facemask | TPM Protective Butterfly Mask | Wit

FFP3 maskers informatie

Medical Face Mask FFP3

These medical mouth masks from Mondkapjes.nl  / Nobraa gives you and your environment the best protection a mouth mask can offer. Because they have been extensively and officially tested, you can rest assured that the FFP3 mask will do its job. The FFP3 masks are intended for single use only!


FFP3 Mondkapjes certificaten & CE Normering

Difference between medical and non-medical face masks

The difference between medical and non-medical face masks lies in the function. Where a non-medical mask is worn primarily to protect the wearer's environment, a medical mask is worn to protect the wearer against airborne germs and viruses. 

What does FFP3 stand for?

The abbreviation FFP stands for: Filtering Facepiece Particle. An FFP mask is a face mask that filters the air that you breathe in, so that germs, viruses and bacteria cannot get into your airways. FFP masks are divided into three different categories: FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. The FFP1 masks are the least filtering and the FFP3 masks the most filtering. 

Our medical masks are officially tested and approved according to EN149:2001. The masks of Mondkapjes.nl are in the filter class FFP3. This means that they have a filter efficiency of at least 99% and thus keep 99% of the harmful particles out. Because of the comfortable use and high filter percentage, these mouth masks are mainly used in care institutions and hospitals.

How to wear a medical mask?

When putting on a medical face mask, it is important that you first disinfect your hands with a disinfectant hand gel. Hold the mask in one hand and the elastic bands in the other. Place the FFP3 mask under your chin and pull the rubber bands up to your crown with your other hand. Then you can place the lower elastic band under your ears and place the top of the mask just under your nose bridge. Finally, check that the mask fits snugly around your face and adjust if this is not the case. 

FFP2 Instructie illustratie


Instruction FFP3 mask

Just as with disposable facemasks and washable facemasks, it is important when wearing a medical mask to touch the outside as little as possible. While wearing the mask, the outside of it can get contaminated with viruses and other germs. When touching the outside of the mask, these will end up on your hands and you may still be able to infect yourself. 

What should I do with a used medical face mask?

Nobraa medical masks are intended for single use and cannot be washed. When you have finished wearing your medical mouth mask, take it off by gripping the mask and putting the elastic bands over your head. Then dispose of the mask with the residual waste and immediately disinfect your hands with disinfectant hand gel or soap and water. 

Buy medical mouth masks at Mondkapjes.nl

You can easily and cheaply buy your medical face masks at Nobraa.com. Here you can order your online medical face masks, after which they will be delivered to your home as soon as possible. With Nobraa, you also enjoy even more benefits: the more medical masks you order, the higher the benefit for you. The benefit can be as high as 35%!

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