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50 x Disposable 3-layer face mask

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With our set of fifty disposable 3-layer face masks you contribute to limiting the spread of the coronavirus.
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Black Disposable 3-layer Face Masks (50 pieces) 

You can buy cheap face masks on the Nobraa website. These black, disposable face masks are three layers thick and are suitable for single use. Be aware that they cannot be washed and are not for suited for reuse. If you are looking for washable face masks, please refer to our cloth masks.

Buy our cheap but high-quality face masks here. At Nobraa you can order sets of 50 black disposable 3-layer face masks. These can't be washed or reused, so if you are looking for washable face masks, you can find them here.

Buy disposable face mask at Nobraa

The black disposable face masks from Nobraa are made of three different absorption layers that prevent airborne particles from entering your airways. The face mask also filters germs from your breath to prevent them from getting into the air: 

  • Layer 1 filters bacteria during inhalation and exhalation;
  • Layer 2 filters fine particles in the inhaled and exhaled air;
  • Layer 3 blocks dust particles.

Our face masks help to protect you and those around you. Wearing one can prevent others from being infected with any germs in your breath, and helps to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

How should I wear a disposable face mask?

If possible, first disinfect your hands with a disinfectant gel before touching the face mask. Try to grab the elastic ear loops only, don’t touch the part that covers your mouth and nose. Put the loops around your ears and fold out the mask, over your nose and chin. Make sure that the mask fits tightly, so that as little air as possible can escape from all angles. By adjusting the metal nose clip on the upper edge, you can make sure that the face mask fits snugly around your nose.

Face mask instruction

When wearing a disposable face mask, avoid touching the outer layer of the mask with your hands, because it may have become contaminated in the meantime. Keep the face mask on as much as possible, especially when talking to others. If the situation allows, you can put off your face mask. Always carry a spare one with you in case you are (unexpectedly) travelling for more than three hours.

What should I do with a used disposable face mask?

Used face masks can safely be disposed of with your waste. Make sure that you only touch the elastic loops and not the part that has covered your mouth, nose and chin. After disposing of your face mask, wash your hands or use disinfectants.

Order disposable face masks at Nobraa

Nobraa is the place to buy your face mask at a reasonable price. You can buy our disposable masks in a cheap package of fifty pieces. We offer extra discounts when those who order more than one package. Your benefit can be up to 35%! Nobraa is your face mask specialist.

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