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Blood pressure device | Microlife | BP B3 Comfort PC (2020)

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The Microlife BP B3 Comfort is the new (2020) clinically validated upper arm blood pressure monitor from Microlife. Complete set for a quick and easy recording of the blood pressure. Equipped with a PC connection and ''Inflation Mode Technology''.
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Blood pressure device | Microlife

The new Microlife BP B3 Comfort blood pressure monitor is one of the latest blood pressure meters from the renowned manufacturer Microlife. Technically this model can be seen as the successor of the popular A3L Comfort. The meter is equipped with various reliable Microlife techniques. The meter is delivered complete and has several possibilities for a quick and easy recording of the blood pressure. The B3 Comfort is also provided with a PC connection and the new technique: ''Inflation Mode Technology'' (IMT). The meter makes no sound while inflating.

  • 3/MAM technology (average 3 measurements)
  • PAD detection (irregular heartbeat)
  • Memory for 2 persons, 99 memory locations per person
  • Can display the average of all values stored
  • Cuff size: 22 cm - 42 cm
  • Clinically validated (ESH/AAMI protocol)
  • Can be connected to PC (Windows)
  • Makes no sound when inflating!
  • Dutch manual & 5 year warranty

This blood pressure monitor is fully complete with: manual, batteries, storage pouch and a cuff in size M/L.

New! Comfort+ technology (previously: IMT technology - Inflation Mode Technology)

Comfort+ Technology is the latest technology from Microlife. This technology provides an extra comfortable, fast and accurate blood pressure reading while inflating the cuff. Many models first inflate before they inflate to determine blood pressure. This process is different (and slower) than with blood pressure meters with Comfort+ technology. With Comfort+ technology, the blood pressure is already determined during inflation. Especially for patients who find inflation unpleasant, this offers advantages. Measuring the blood pressure takes less time and therefore the feeling of discomfort is reduced. In addition, this blood pressure meter inflates almost noiselessly. You will not hear the pump "humming".

Measuring in the 3/MAM mode

With this meter it is possible to measure in the so-called "3/MAM" mode. On the blood pressure monitor there is a slide switch with which you can easily set whether you want to carry out a single measurement or the 3/MAM measurement. In the 3/MAM mode, the BP B3 Comfort automatically takes three readings with a few seconds pause between each reading. If there is a significant deviation from one measurement, a fourth measurement follows automatically. Afterwards, the average of the 3 measurements is displayed. 3/MAM increases the reliability of blood pressure measurement.

Microlife Blood Pressure Monitors and Rechargeable Batteries

The uniqueness of Microlife blood pressure monitors is that this brand can function in conjunction with rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries have a lower voltage than normal alkaline batteries (1.2 volts versus 1.5 volts). Many electronic devices cannot cope with this difference in voltage. Microllife blood pressure monitors can! With a set of good rechargeable batteries you can save money in the long run. We offer you the possibility to buy a set of powerful rechargeable Duracell batteries (4 pieces - 2500 mAh) with your blood pressure monitor. These batteries can be charged approximately 400 times. You should have your own battery charger. The Microlife adapter is not a charger.

Connecting to the PC

This blood pressure monitor is easy to connect to the PC by means of a mini USB cable. This USB cable is supplied with the blood pressure monitor. The software is easy to download from Microlife. The software works on Windows computers.

PDF symbolIB BP B3 Comfort PC English.pdf (7.13 MB)

PDF symbolMicrolife-Bloodpressure-diary.pdf (92.74 KB)


Key features:

Clinically validated (BHS protocol; A/A rating)
Can be connected to PC (USB cable included) - software is compatible with Windows and Apple computers
MAM mode: calculates the average of 3 measurements in a row
PAD technology: detects irregular heartbeat
Date & time stamp on every measurement
Sensor for motion sickness
Two person memory, 99 memories per person
Large (extra) clear display
WHO Blood pressure level indicator
Flexible cuff size M/L: 22 cm - 42 cm
Works with AA batteries (also suitable for rechargeable batteries)
Adapter connection (can be ordered as an option)
Dimensions: 138 x 94.5 x 62.5 mm
Including storage pouch
The cuff is washable: there is an opening in the cuff to remove the inflation bellows
5-year Microlife warranty

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