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Blood pressure device | Microlife | BP B6 Connect AFIB

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The Microlife BP B6 AFIB Connect is the latest blood pressure monitor from top manufacturer Microlife. This blood pressure monitor is in the highest segment in terms of functions. Reliable & clinically validated with the highest BHS A|A rating.
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Blood pressure device | Microlife

This Microlife BP B6 Connect with AFIB detection is a fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor. The meter is equipped with all modern techniques for a reliable measurement of the blood pressure. Of course this model has been clinically validated (BHS A/A protocol; highest rating). The meter has also been validated for pregnant women, obese patients, diabetes patients and for use in children. The meter is equipped with a colour indicator for your blood pressure level. This colour indicator is found in the form of LEDS on the side of the display. A unique aspect of this meter is the dual functionality of both the ability to pair the device with your smartphone and an app, allowing you to carry all measurements in your pocket, and the ability to use PC software and thus connect the device to your computer. This is done with a USB cable and the free downloadable Microlife software. This USB cable is included.

  • Equipped with stroke prevention functionality
  • Clinically validated (BHS: A|A rating)
  • Features irregular heartbeat detection
  • 3/MAM technology (average 3 measurements)
  • Contoured cuff: 22 - 42 cm
  • Can communicate with both app (iOS & Android) and PC
  • Suitable for 2 users, 99 measurements per user
  • Adapter included
  • Official Dutch* model, 5-year warranty


This meter is also equipped with the well-known 3/MAM technology and AFIB detection. 3/MAM stands for 3 x 'Microlife Average Measurement'. In this mode the blood pressure monitor measures the blood pressure 3 times in succession to obtain an accurate and reliable average of the current blood pressure. There is a 15 second rest between each measurement. The device then counts down from 15 to 0 and starts another measurement. The 3/MAM mode is easily activated via a slide switch on the side of the device. When measuring in 3/MAM mode, the device also screens on AFIB. This makes it possible to detect 'atrial fibrillation'. This is the vibration of the atrium; having AFIB is a risk factor for having a stroke. This meter has been clinically validated according to the BHS protocol and achieved an A/A rating (highest achievable). You can read more about AFIB here.

Connectable to Microlife connected Health app and PC

This new Microlife blood pressure monitor can easily track and store your measurements on your mobile phone via the Microlife app. The app is suitable for iPhones and Android devices. It is possible to install this app also on your iPad as an ''iPhone app''. An official tablet app is not (yet) available. Via the app, it is possible to quickly view your measurements wherever you are. The transfer of measurements is done by means of bluetooth technology. The blood pressure monitor itself is equipped with 99 memories, via the app you can store an unlimited number of measurements. It is also possible to connect the B6 Connect to the PC by means of the USB cable supplied. The required software is easily downloadable from Microlife. The software works on Windows computers.

Also handy; linkable scale in the same app

This blood pressure monitor can be linked with the Microlife Connected Health + app. In this app, other Microlife devices are also linkable. For example, the Microlife WS 200 BT scale was recently launched. This scale can measure all the important parameters of your body and also track them in the same app. This way you have all your blood pressure measurements and all your weight measurements together in 1 app. Want to know more? Take a look at the Microlife WS200 BT product page.

PDF symbol IB BP B6 Connect E-V11 English.pdf(3.23 MB)

PDF symbolMicrolife Blood pressure Diary.pdf (92.74 KB)

PDF symbolClinical-Validation-Explanation-Microlife-English.pdf (1.05 MB)

Key features:

  • AFIB technology detects atrial fibrillation
  • PAD technology: detection for irregular heartbeat
  • Provides date and time for each measurement
  • Gentle+ technology: cuff is not inflated further than necessary
  • Sensor for motion sickness
  • Cuff check system: if cuff is not in place, this is indicated by an icon on the display
  • Can show the average of the last 28 days
  • LED traffic light indicator for blood pressure (shows by green, orange or red in which area the
  • blood pressure is according to the WHO)
  • Clinically validated (BHS protocol, A|A validation), also validated for: pregnant, obese, diabetic
  • patients and children
  • MAM technology (automatic triple measurement with average calculation)
  • Suitable for two users, 99 memories per user
  • Bluetooth: for connection with the free Microlife app (incl. Apple health sync)
  • Also equipped with USB cable, for computer connection
  • Large display & clear
  • Preformed cuff size M-L (22 cm - 42 cm)
  • Dimensions: 157.5 x 105 x 61.5 mm
  • Weight: 415 grams including batteries
  • Including adapter
  • Including carrying case
  • 5-year warranty
  • Suitable for rechargeable batteries
  • Medically reliable due to combination of AFIB & MAM technology

Impression from the Microlife app

1) The first image shows all your measurements, with the times of measurement for the respective user. It is possible to email all these measurements as a .csv file (Excel).

2) The second image shows a selected measurement. In this measurement, it is possible to make a (voice) note, take a picture or mail the measurement in question.


Microlife app impression

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