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Blood pressure device | Microlife | BP B1 (2020)

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The Microlife B1 is together with the A1 the entry-level blood pressure monitor from Microlife. Naturally, this model is also clinically validated and has the Microlife B1 the highest possible BHS A|A rating.
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Blood pressure device | Microlife

The Microlife B1 is the latest entry-level model from Microlife. This model is together with the popular Microlife A1 the entry-level blood pressure monitor from Microlife. The device differs in a few respects, whereby the memory of 30 measurements and the slightly larger display are the two biggest changes. Naturally, this model is clinically validated and the Microlife B1 has the highest possible BHS A|A rating.

  • 30-measurement memory
  • Provides date & time for every measurement
  • Gentle+ technology: cuff is never over inflated
  • Irregular heartbeat detection
  • Cuff size: 22 cm - 42 cm
  • Clinically validated (BHS A|A rating)
  • 5-year warranty

Compact, reliable and simple: That's the new Microlife BP B1 Classic.

Microlife, as an innovative manufacturer, is committed to product development and advancement. Thus was born the new BP B1 Classic. This model runs alongside the popular Microlife A1. These blood pressure meters are very easy to use, no difficult buttons or settings. It is a simple but reliable blood pressure monitor with a 5 year warranty. In contrast to the A1, this new B1 has a larger display, making the measurements even easier to read. Furthermore, with 1 push on the button you can measure the upper- and lower pressure and the heart rate easily and quickly. When this is detected during a measurement, an icon is also shown for a possible irregular heartbeat. The memory of the Microlife B1 has room for 30 measurements. The Microlife B1 is standard equipped with a M-L cuff, this size is suitable for arm circumferences between 22 cm and 42 cm. If you need a larger size you will need to purchase the optional L-XL cuff. This is suitable for arm circumferences up to 52 cm.

Gentle+ Technology: What is it?

Gentle+ Technology is the technology that ensures that the cuff is never inflated harder than necessary. This ensures a less painful feeling during a measurement.

Microlife Blood Pressure Monitors and Rechargeable Batteries

What is unique about Microlife blood pressure monitors is that this brand can function in conjunction with rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries have a lower voltage than normal alkaline batteries (1.2 volts versus 1.5 volts). Many electronic devices cannot cope with this difference in voltage. Microllife blood pressure monitors can! With a set of good rechargeable batteries you can save money in the long run.

PDF symbolMicrolife IB BP B1 Classic EN-FR.pdf (2.79 MB)

PDF symbolMicrolife-Bloodpressure-diary.pdf (92.74 KB)

Key features:

Complete upper arm blood pressure monitor at a competitive price
Sensor for movement
Check for correct cuff placement
Equipped with M/L cuff (22 cm to 42 cm)
IHB technology (irregular heartbeat detection)
Gentle+ technology: cuff is never inflated beyond the level necessary to obtain the correct measurement
Memory for 30 measurements
Provides date and time of measurement
Includes Dutch manual
Clinically validated (BHS protocol: A/A)
DABL list entry
Easy to use - 1 button operation
Compact size

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