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Blood pressure monitor | Microlife | Watch BP Home AFIB

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The Microlife WatchBP Home AFIB is a top-quality blood pressure monitor recommended by doctors. With this new model you can accurately measure your blood pressure at home and it can be connected to a computer and easily share your data with your GP.
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Blood pressure monitor | Microlife

The Microlife WatchBP Home AFIB is a top-quality blood pressure monitor recommended by doctors. With this new model you can measure your blood pressure very accurately at home. The WatchBP Home AFIB is connected to the computer and can easily exchange your data. The Microlife WatchBP Home A works with a single push of a button. The WatchBP Home is frequently used in a GP surgery as a blood pressure monitor on loan; it is then given to the patient.

  • Professional model recommended by doctors
  • Equipped with stroke prevention functionality
  • PC connection (not suitable for Apple computers)
  • Convenient one-button operation
  • Clinically validated (DABL list entry)
  • Memory for 250 measurements
  • Measures according to EHS protocol

"Measure your blood pressure according to the guidelines of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH)."

The Microlife Watch BP Home AFIB is an upper arm blood pressure monitor that has been clinically validated. AFIB is the technique that recognises atrial fibrillation. By measuring in the USUAL mode, the blood pressure monitor automatically screens for AFIB. In this mode, the WatchBP Home does 3x an automatic measurement with an interval of 15 seconds. Afterwards, you will see the average of these 3 measurements. This meter is mentioned on the list of approved blood pressure meters of the Dutch Heart Foundation. The Microlife Watch BP Home AFIB is rated with a 7.5 by the Consumers' Association. With this upper arm blood pressure monitor you can store 250 measurements in the memory. If you use the diagnostic mode, up to 28 measurements can be stored. When you measure in DIAG mode the blood pressure is measured according to the guidelines of the 'European Society of Hypertension. In this diagnostic mode you can take 2x 2 measurements per day for 7 days (28 measurements). At the end of this measurement period, you can analyse the measurements with your GP. A switch on the side of the device allows you to choose the desired measurement mode. The WatchBP Home measures according to EHS protocol (can only perform a 3-fold measurement, no single measurement).

What is atrial fibrillation?

Atrial fibrillation (or atrial flutter) is a heart rhythm disorder that causes the heart to beat irregularly and often too fast. This irregularity can sometimes disrupt the flow of blood and cause a small amount of blood to clot. This results in a clot or blood clot.

When such a blood clot detaches from the heart at some point, it enters the blood stream and is carried with the blood to the brain. There, the vessels are so small that further flow is no longer possible. This is when the clot seals the blood vessel, thus blocking further blood flow. Part of the brain tissue is then deprived of oxygen and dies. This is also called a stroke. This often results in permanent disability or even death. Microlife's patented AFIB technology can detect these irregularities and thus warn you in time. You can read more about AFIB here.

Calculating averages

With the Microlife Watch BP Home you can calculate different averages. Naturally, you can view the average of all measurements in the memory but, in addition, you can also use the diagnostic mode to view the average of all morning and evening measurements.

Connecting the Watch BP® to the computer

The measurement data from the Watch BP Home can be transferred to your computer using the supplied USB cable and software. You can save your measurement data and print or e-mail it so that you can provide your doctor with a handy overview. The supplied software is easy to use. Please note that the software is only suitable for Windows.

Watch BP analyzer software

Microlife Blood Pressure Monitors and Rechargeable Batteries

What is unique about Microlife blood pressure meters is that this brand can function in conjunction with rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries have a lower voltage than normal alkaline batteries (1.2 volts versus 1.5 volts). Many electronic devices cannot cope with this difference in voltage. Microllife blood pressure monitors can! With a set of good rechargeable batteries you can save money in the long run. We offer you the possibility to buy a set of powerful rechargeable Duracell batteries (4 pieces - 2500 mAh) with your blood pressure monitor. These batteries can be charged approximately 400 times. You should have your own battery charger. The Microlife adapter is not a charger.

What is in the box?

The WatchBP Home A is a complete blood pressure monitor. The box contains:

  • The Microlife WatchBP Home A blood pressure monitor
  • Protective case
  • Batteries
  • Medium cuff: 22 cm - 32 cm
  • Software CD, the software can also be downloaded
  • USB cable
  • Manual

PDF symbolMicrolife-watchBP Home A EN-Manual.pdf (4.08 MB)

PDF symbolClinical Validation info-Microlife_EN.pdf (1.03 MB)

PDF symbolAFIB-info-Microlife-EN.pdf (712.64 KB)

PDF symbolMicrolife-Bloodpressure-diary.pdf (92.74 KB)

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