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Face shield

You have probably seen them on the street before: face shields. Face shields protect against infectious droplets that are released when people sneeze or cough. Wearing a face shield offers protection against various viruses, such as the coronavirus.

The usefulness of a face shield

It is especially important to know that a face shield is not a replacement for a mouth mask. A face shield serves as an addition to a mouth mask. A face shield protects your eyes, nose and mouth from external splashes. A face shield is less effective in protecting others from splashes you may emit. To create the safest situation, it is therefore important that you wear the face shield above your mouthpiece.

Who uses face shields?

The use of a face shield is especially useful for people who practice contact professions. Wearing a face shield over a mouth mask provides the optimal protection. When you practice a profession in the medical field, or when you practice a contact profession such as hairdresser or beautician, you are often close to your clients or patients. To despite this lack of distance to be well protected, a face shield offers solution.

How do I use a face shield?

A face shield is reusable. The cap is made of transparent plastic and is easy to wipe with a cloth. When you work in a contact group, it is strongly recommended to clean your face shield after each contact. This can be done easily with warm water and soap. If you do not work in a contact profession, but still like to use a face shield to optimize your safety in the supermarket or in public transport, clean the face shield after each outdoor visit.

How do I put on a face shield?

  • First disinfect your hands with a disinfectant hand gel.
  • Then put a mouth shield that covers your nose and mouth.
  • Make sure that as little air as possible gets through.
  • Place the face shield on your head with the elastic strap.
  • Make sure that it sits firmly on your head and do not touch it while wearing it.

Advantages of a face shield

  • Holds back dirt, bacteria and viruses
  • Protects the mouth, nose and eyes
  • Thanks to the transparent plastic you can see clearly
  • Light material
  • Suitable for large and small heads
  • Quickly available in large and small quantities

Buy face shield

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