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FFP2 Facemasks White | Xique LK-Z1510 | 6-Pack

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White, multi-layer FFP2 mask from the XIQUE brand. Filters minute particles for the respiratory tract. With CE mark EN149:2001 and A1:2009 and PPE EU: 2016/425.
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FFP2 Facemasks White | Xique LK-Z1510 | 6-Pack

Product description

This FFP2 mask from XIQUE provides protection for the face and respiratory system. It is comfortable to wear because of its high-quality fabric and is also customizable to fit different face shapes. You can also wear this face mask in combination with glasses. As shown on the box in the picture, Nobraa.com sells packages that consist of six usable units.

The hypoallergenic fabric protects against harmful substances, aerosols and microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. Just be sure to put on and take off the mask properly. That is, grab the mask only by the ear loops and not by the surface that covers your nose and mouth.

This white FFP2 mask does not have a valve, like the FFP3 face masks. However, it does have an integrated nose clip, which helps the mask fit snugly on your face. This allows you to wear it for an extended period of time without it being considered uncomfortable. The fabric is also lightweight and on the outside made of 100% soft polyester.

Certified face mask

Xique's multi-layer disposable face mask is CE marked according to EN 149:2001 and A1:2009. This means that the product meets the minimum requirements for filtering masks as respiratory protection against airborne particles. It also complies with the European Personal Protective Equipment Regulation, PPE EU: 2016/425.

Because of the degree of quality and protection of this protective mask, it is suitable for use in situations where you are at risk of, for example, contamination with COVID-19. At least 94% of particles are filtered with FFP2 masks by the various layers that the fabric is made of.

Be aware that the product is not reusable and therefore not washable. After single use, you should throw it away.

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