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Hygienic Foam Cleaner 500ml | Romed | Single Pack

€ 4,75
Disinfectant foam for cleaning and disinfection of small surfaces in a handy 500ml can.
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Hygienic Foam Cleaner 500ml | Romed | Single Pack

Hygienic disinfecting foam from Romed

Quick and effective cleaning of small surfaces

That is what this can of disinfecting foam is very suitable for. The foam has a disinfecting effect and can be easily applied thanks to the handy and compact 500ml spray can. Its compact size makes it easy to put down in almost any place and thus always within reach. Also handy to always have with you in your bag or in your car, for example!

The advantages of hygienic disinfectant foam in a row:

  • Intensive disinfecting effect 
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Compact packaging and easy to carry
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