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Coronatest Antibody | Lepu Medical | Serology Rapid Test | 20-Pack

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Lepu medical covid-19 antibody test. Test result is displayed by means of a test strip. FULL BOX (20 TESTS) The test works on principle of immunochromatography.
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Coronatest Antibody | Lepu Medical | Serology Rapid Test


The COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Test is a "Corona" antibody rapid test used in the detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in the blood. COVID-19 is the respiratory disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. This test should be used by professionals, such as when work involves physical customer contact to provide additional assurance. The test is not approved for home use as a self-test.

It is therefore not a virus-RNA test (PCR test). Test results should always be evaluated by a licensed physician and should not be used as the sole criterion for determining or ruling out infection with the SARS-CoV-2 ("Corona") virus. 

Note: If the test results do not correspond to any symptoms, or if the test is positive, always contact your physician.

The person tested should always - irrespective of the test result - follow all precautionary measures according to RIVM. The test is a snapshot, which measures whether antibodies are formed at that moment. The COVID-19 antibody test determines whether antibodies have been produced in your body against the virus, by means of an IgG and an IgM measurement. The body needs time to produce sufficient antibodies so that it is measurable. It is recommended to test at least 3 weeks after the first symptoms of the disease. If you test earlier, the result may be negative, but that does not rule out that you have been infected with COVID-19. Also, people who have had a COVID-19 infection but have had very mild symptoms often get a negative result. The body has not produced enough antibodies, so they are not measurable with this test.

There are 2 types of antibodies tested: IgM and IgG. IgM antibodies (immunoglubulin-M) are formed at an early stage after an infection during the first immune response. IgG antibodies are formed by the body at a later stage. If both are found in the blood, immunity is built up. If only IgG is found, the immune system is in its final stage or you have recently had the disease. It is not yet known how long this build-up of immunity lasts. An IgM positive test does not mean that your body has become immune to the virus. IgG antibodies, on the other hand, provide a degree of immunity, although it is not yet known how long IgG antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 remain in the body after the Covid-19 infection is overcome by the body.

Product type.  

The tester consists of 1 test kit, two pipettes per test, a lancet, and an ampule (or a large vial with the 20 pack) of buffer solution. The kits are packed per 1,2,6 or 20 pieces. Please note that the 20 pack contains 1 vial of buffer solution instead of 20 unloaded ampoules.


A drop of blood obtained with a small finger prick is sufficient.


Test result within approx. 15 minutes.


This antibody test has a high reliability. The test is 99.3% accurate.


More information about the test

This test is only available for healthcare professionals and companies. Please provide the company name or institution name in your customer information, and describe the objective in the comments box. 

When choosing a good antibody test, it is important to look at the sensitivity (sensitivity) and specificity of the test. This test has an accuracy of 99.3%, measured on the sensitivity and specificity for both the IgM and IgG antibodies. 

The COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Test is manufactured by Lepu Medical Co. a high-end Chinese manufacturer of high-tech medical devices and equipment. Lepu Medical's European headquarters is located in the Netherlands. The COVID-19 Antibody Test carries the required CE mark and meets the requirements of the EU IVD (In-Vitro Diagnostics) Directive (98/79/EC). It is not an official test for home use. In a comparative test this test comes out on top. The test report is available from our customer service.

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