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Underpads | Romed | 10-Pack | 60x60 cm

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60x60 cm60x90 cm
ROMED underpads (10-pack) for collecting moisture and wetness from lying medical patients.
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Underpads | Romed | 10-Pack

These ROMED underpads are disposable medical underpads, suitable for collecting moisture and wetness from lying patients in, for example, hospitals or at nursing homes. They are excellent for postoperative use, incontinence or after giving birth.

Material of the underpads

The underpads consist of multiple layers of different materials that combine to provide a highly absorbent effect. This is due to the spunbond, nonwoven top layer, under which is an equally absorbent fabric middle layer with super absorbent polymer (SAP) and waterproof polyethylene (PE) backing layer.

Nobraa.com sells packs of ten underpads, in both 60x60 centimeter (length and width) size and 60x90 cm. Both can absorb up to 1500ml of liquid. This product has a shelf life of five years.

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