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Hand Sanitizer Dispenser & Thermometer

Sanitizer Dispensers

Nobraa's webshop also sells dispensers in addition to other disinfectants. Our dispensers are ideal for rooms that are frequented by people on a weekly, if not daily, basis and where hygiene is a priority. The white and clean style works well in hygienic settings, for example. The dispensers can be mounted on the wall or in a column.

Despite medical professionals regularly highlighting the importance of hand cleanliness before to the pandemic, sanitizers were not as popular or widely used by the general public. It was utilized by a few people, but it was never considered necessary by others.

However, this has altered in recent years as we use hand sanitizers on a daily basis. In addition to disinfectants, Nobraa's online sells dispensers. Our dispensers are suitable for spaces where hygiene is a top priority and where people visit on a monthly, if not daily, basis. In hygienic situations, for example, the white and clean aesthetic works nicely. The dispensers can be installed in a column or on the wall.

Despite medical professionals' repeated emphasis on hand hygiene prior to the pandemic, hand sanitizers were not as popular or frequently used by the general public. It was used by a few people, but others never thought it was required.

However, as we use hand sanitizers on a daily basis, this has changed in recent years.

Alcohol and soap dispensers

Our website's dispensers can be loaded with either alcohol-based disinfectants or soap. When utilizing the device, there is no need to touch anything with your hands. An infrared sensor is included in the models produced by Nobraa. To activate the sensor, simply place your hands near it at a modest distance from the dispenser.

Our dispensers' automatic feature ensures that, provided the tank is filled enough, the correct amount of alcohol or soap is always dispensed. This makes them more cost-effective to use and reduces waste. Our dispensers have a 1 litre capacity. They are ideal for public spaces such as businesses, schools, hospitals, airports, and other such establishments.

Why should you replace traditional sanitizer dispensers with contactless sanitizer dispensers in your home?


Traditional hand sanitizer dispensers share a common point of contact, which might spread the virus. Sanitizer dispensers with no contact provide zero contact. To use the sanitizer, you don't have to press any buttons.

Touchless sanitizer dispensers are the most common. They are self-contained and have a sensor that detects the hand and sprays or gels the sanitizer.

Complete sanitization of hands

Contactless hand sanitizer dispensers use innovative, automated technology to spray the right quantity of sanitizer in a mist over your palms, ensuring that your hands are completely sanitized.


We must invest a significant amount of money in the safety and sanitization of ourselves and our families as a result of the epidemic. Contactless sanitizers are available in a variety of price ranges, depending on the features desired. They are often affordable for home use by the general public. This means that, while the initial expenditure is far higher than purchasing a sanitizer bottle, the return on investment is enormous.

Easy maintenance

The contactless sanitizer dispenser with the sensor technology only dispenses the sanitizer when it detects the hands. Unlike typical sanitizer bottles, which make a mess with sanitizer nozzles pouring all over the bottle, this one is easy to clean. As a result, contactless dispensers are more sanitary.

Bigger storage capacity

Most contactless sanitizer dispensers are available in a variety of sizes. It is ideal for use at home because it has a larger capacity than a little bottle. The best contactless hand sanitizers in India last for nearly 1000 cycles on a single fill, avoiding the trouble of having to refill it every few days.

Sturdy and durable

The architecture of automatic sanitizer dispensers is strong and long-lasting. They can endure a lot of pressure and so last for a long time. They even come with warranties in case you run into any problems.

Ideal for your home

The tiny form of a contactless sanitizer dispenser gives it a trendy look. It can be displayed on a table or hung on the wall. It is simple to use and may be utilized by both children and seniors. Some sanitizer dispensers have a smartphone app that allows you to customize the spray volume with a single touch of your phone. You may also control the sanitizer from afar.

Contactless Sanitizer Dispensers

Sanitizer bottles include single points of contact, such as lids and pumps, which can lead to virus cross-contamination when used by a large number of people.

With the coronavirus spreading like wildfire, hand sanitizers that require minimal touch have become a necessity. It's also obvious that if individuals had to contact sanitizer dispensers every time they used them, the goal of sanitization would be utterly defeated. So, after much research, the concept of foot-operated sanitizer dispensers was born.

The main goal of this development was to keep cross-contamination to a minimum while cleaning your hands. It was beneficial because individuals began to use the sanitizer with their feet, ensuring that no one touched the sanitizer bottle with their naked hands.

This gadget was created for public spaces such as schools, hospitals, banks, and corporate offices with a big number of employees, as well as other venues that receive a large number of visitors.

The Rise of Contactless Sanitizer Dispensers

The coronavirus has made us want to be as hands-off as possible. We now use apps to pay for necessities at the grocery store and sanitizers to wipe our hands when we get home.

Contactless sanitizer dispensers are now required in public spaces under the "No Touch" policy. These devices are fully automated and run on cutting-edge technology. Touchless automatic dispensers provide qualities that are beneficial for a variety of applications.

Basic Features of Contactless Sanitizer Dispensers

Let's look at the basic characteristics of automatic contactless sanitizer dispensers.

No Contact Required

Contactless sanitizer dispensers, unlike manual sanitizer bottles or foot-operated dispensers, can be used without touching them. All you have to do is place your hands below the nozzle, and the sanitizer will be dispensed.

The use of infrared or ultrasonic sensors allows for this. The removal of common touch sites ensures maximum safety and germ protection.

Sturdy and Durable

The majority of contactless sanitizer dispenser devices are strong and long-lasting. There are fewer chances of wear and tear damage because these are touchless.

When the right usage instructions are followed after installation, these dispensers can last for years. Because they are substantial and usually mounted on the wall, they are less likely to be stolen.

Dispenses a Standard Quantity

Any decent automatic contactless sanitizer dispenser will dispense enough ingredient to coat both hands in a predetermined amount. One of the most significant advantages of these machines over manual sanitizer dispensers is that the amount of sanitizer administered can be controlled.


Because these sanitizer machines distribute a consistent amount, there are less spills and a cleaner environment, making it easier on the eyes. Even when used by hundreds of people, it produces minimum waste.

Less Maintenance

These automatic dispensers are easier to maintain. It contains a sensor that only activates when your hands are placed beneath the nozzle. It provides zero interaction, no waste, and ensures proper hand hygiene.

Modern Appearance

The design of contactless dispensers is sleek and attractive. They look beautiful and give the space a contemporary feel, whether it's a professional office or a home.

These devices grab attention because to their modern design, which is beneficial in encouraging people to wipe their hands.

Where Contactless Sanitizer Dispensers Should Be Installed


Offices and companies are reopening, and the country is attempting to resume normalcy. However, these areas always see a large number of people congregating, making it difficult to truly control the flow of people. As a result, the risk of cross-contamination is constantly present. At these locations, automatic contactless sanitizer dispensers are especially useful because everyone can spare a few seconds of hand sanitization to keep safe.

Cafeterias, elevators, washrooms, conference rooms, and any other spaces where a big number of people congregate are all critical areas in offices.

Railway and Metro Stations

Trains and metros convey a large number of passengers all the time in a densely populated country like India. These germ and viral hotspots are created by people coming in and going to different places at the same time.

Touchless sanitizer dispensers should be installed at metro and railway stations so that people can wash their hands while on the go. Escalators, lifts, checkpoints, ticket desks, and other key facilities at railway and metro stations require hand sanitizer dispensers.

Hotels and Restaurants

The food business has been severely harmed as a result of the lockdown. They're gradually reopening to the public now. However, critical safety precautions such as thermal checking, social distancing, and hand sanitization are being followed to ensure everyone's safety.

Near access points, touchless sanitizer dispensers are being put, and guests are being urged to clean their hands first thing as they enter.

Busy Street Corners

Why leave the streets when there are signs everywhere urging people to use hand sanitizers? It is the most virus-prone area, with a large number of people, making sanitizer readily available essential.

People will be reminded to wipe their hands if contactless sanitizer dispensers are placed in every corner of the streets. The government, NGOs, and even the general public can all contribute to the installation of a contactless dispenser in a specific location. When placed in a visible location, these dispensers encourage individuals to use them when they are in need. They can also create cleaning stations to keep it safe from thieves.

Shopping Malls and Public Parks

People want to go for a walk and get out in the new normal now that malls and parks are opening. It's critical that people relax after the long lockdown, but they must also take the essential safety precautions. The greatest solution to this problem is to set up a public sanitizing station. This will make it simple for people to keep their hands clean even when they are out in public. It allows them to enjoy their day without having to worry about their safety.

Benefits Of Sanitizer Dispensers

Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers can assist decrease exposure in your workplace, whether you're searching for control measures to avoid the spread of covid-19 or an effective strategy to combat the usual flu season. More and more organizations are enabling their staff to return to work as a result of vaccination and loosening restrictions. However, it also necessitates the implementation of public safety procedures in your workplace to protect your staff and customers.

You must guarantee that your employees feel safe and secure when they return to the office, store, or warehouse, as well as that they have access to basic sanitation facilities. Practice social distancing, disinfect your workplace routinely, and have personnel wash their hands regularly, according to Canadian public health guidelines. As a result, installing an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in your workplace is highly recommended.

With so many high-touch surfaces in the office, the virus will spread quickly when your employees use their hands to scribble papers, shake hands carelessly with a peer or client, open doors, and so on. With so much exposure, your employees are more likely to contract a disease that will hinder their productivity, resulting in financial loss for both your company and your employees.

This is why, regardless of whether your employees or customers bring their own hand sanitizer, you must have hand sanitizer dispensers installed at your workplace. Continue reading to learn about some of the primary advantages of having a sanitizer dispenser at your place of business.

Improved Hygiene

Hand sanitizer dispensers are the most effective approach to ensure that your employees keep their hands clean at work. Touch-free or automated dispensers are an excellent way to ensure that germs do not transmit from one employee to another or from one consumer to another. It reduces the risk of disease-causing microorganisms spreading among your employees.

This will result in a considerable reduction in the number of infected office workers, fewer sick days, and increased overall productivity and profitability for your firm.


Because a hand sanitizer dispenser dispenses the same amount of sanitizer with each use, it assures that consumption is cost-effective. Because the sanitizer is sprayed directly on the user's hand, it helps prevent waste and spillage. As a result, you and your staff will be aware of the amount of money spent on sanitizing facilities. You may create a fixed budget and manage costs with a touch-free sanitizer dispenser, which will help you enhance your business's profitability and revenues in the long run.

Durable & Easy To Maintain

Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers are often composed of robust materials that endure a long time in comparison to others. They are subjected to significantly less physical damages as a result of the user's little interaction. As a result, they are a long-term and cost-effective investment for your employees and company. Furthermore, automatic or no-touch dispensers are now intended to be simple to maintain and run.

Easily Accessible

Hand sanitizer dispensers, whether mounted on the wall or at a designated hand sanitizer station, are a convenient way for your employees to maintain and exercise hygienic control procedures. Offices, breakrooms, workplaces, store entrances, and high-traffic areas are all good places to put these dispensers. Because of their prominent and easy-to-reach location, your employees will be less tempted to forgo hand washing.

While wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispensers appear to be complicated, they are actually rather simple to install and set up in almost any spot within your workplace.

Changeable Headers

Another benefit of using hand sanitizer dispensers is that the empty header can be replaced with a full one. This implies that they are a one-time, low-cost investment. You can also change the type of sanitizer based on your preferences. Depending on the sort of hand sanitizer you choose, you have a variety of alternatives and even a combination of solutions for keeping your hands clean.

Alcohol, alcohol-free, with or without color or pigment, antimicrobial, fragrance, and fragrance-free are some of the options. Each of them has its own set of advantages for keeping you and your employees healthy and removing obnoxious odors from the office.

Touchless or automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are an excellent way to protect yourself, your employees, and your customers from infectious germs. Installing them across your workplace sends a message to everyone that you care about your employees' health and are devoted to promoting good hand hygiene.

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