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Buy FFP2 mask from Nobraa

Our FFP2 masks are CE approved and have a filter capacity of at least 95 per cent. Buying an FFP2 mask is easy at Nobraa. Here you can order your medical masks online. With us, you benefit from even more advantages: the more medical masks you order, the higher the advantage for you. The discount can be as high as 35%!

What is an FFP2 mask?

An FFP2 mask can be classified as personal protective equipment (PPE). As they protect the wearer from, for example, harmful substances, particles and aerosols. This type of mask is not only used with COVID-19 but also in, for example, the construction, pharmaceutical, glass, foundry and agricultural industries. The protective layers in the mask ensure that powdered chemicals are effectively filtered out. It also protects against respiratory viruses such as bird flu and SARS. FFP2 masks are recommended for healthcare workers who regularly come into contact with Covid-19 patients.

An FFP2 mask is designed to be lightweight to maximise wear time. Our masks consist of several layers of non-woven polypropylene (synthetic polymer) fabric. The approved FFP2/KN95/N95 masks keep harmful particles out.

How well does the FFP2 mask protect against COVID-19?

An FFP2 mask is one of the most effective protective mouthpieces. It filters out up to 94 per cent of coronavirus particles, for example. It filters out harmful odours, gases and liquids and protects against airborne bacteria and viruses. In a nutshell, the FFP2 follows the same design principles as an N95 mask. Due to its excellent shielding, FFP2 masks are already being used in an increasing number of nursing homes and care homes.

What are the benefits of buying an FFP2 mask?

Why should you buy an FFP2 mask? Here are some reasons:


  • An FFP2 mask is a thick mouth mask with 2 to 5 layers of protected surfaces that are not permeable. Most FFP2 masks are made to keep infectious COVID particles in the form of droplets out of the nose and mouth.
  • The content of FFP2 complies with the international standard (N95).
  • Our FFP2 face masks seal your mouth and nose perfectly and prevent foreign particles from entering through the air holes on the sides.
  • They are quite soft and breathable, making them suitable for any environment. The FFP2 mask resists respiratory problems and moisture build-up that temporarily impairs vision, whether used in direct sunlight or in the winter cold.
  • Our FFP2 masks are very light, weighing only a few grams.
  • The mask's strings are silky soft and comfortable on the ear, so there are no chafing points!
  • It also includes an adjustable nose bridge that you can adjust according to your facial structure.
  • While jogging, working in an office or driving in slightly crowded public transport, you can enjoy a smooth inhalation and exhalation.

Do you need an FFP2 mask? You can simply buy an FFP2 mouth mask

Since the beginning of the corona outbreak, public interest in the FFP2 mouth mask has risen sharply. This is of course understandable. FFP2 masks, unlike dust masks and certain surgical masks, filter in two directions. A good reason to buy an FFP2 mask. It is also not without reason that some European countries set FFP2 as the standard. European countries such as Germany and Austria have made FFP2 masks mandatory. Other countries are considering following suit. This is partly to prevent the spread of new, more transmissible variants of the virus.

According to the NHS, these respirators have a median lifespan of 3-8 hours. This depends on environmental variables. With such strong medical support, it is understandable why many people buy an FFP2 mask. It is safe and effective face protection for both companies and the general public.

There are five major benefits of using an FFP2 mask

  • Filter capacity of at least 94 per cent
  • Filtration on both sides, protecting the wearer and others.
  • Higher resistance to liquids.
  • Better fit than surgical masks and cotton masks
  • Breathable filter layers

FFP2 and N95: What is the difference?

Although the word 'N95' is often used for respiratory masks, it refers to US standards. It is not approved for medical use in the EU. FFP2 masks, on the other hand, are CE-marked and tested according to the EN 149:2001 and A1:2009 standards. They are therefore suitable for use in European medical environments.

Despite their different certifications, a committee of experts from PHE and HSE conducted a quick study during the pandemic. In order to compare the N95 and FFP2 in times of high demand. They found that there was no discernible difference between the two and that they offered comparable protection against coronavirus.

Need help?

Want to buy an FFP2 mask, but still have some questions about it? Please contact one of our customer service employees, they will be happy to help you! Are you looking for an FFP3 mask? We also have these in our product range.