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The use of a disinfectant is more important than ever. We all wash our hands a lot, because as we know: hygiene is and remains an important trump card in the fight against COVID-19. Washing hands can be done with soap and water, but a hand sanitizer is at least as effective. Moreover, a small bottle of disinfectant easily fits in your bag to keep your hands clean on the go. At Nobraa you can therefore buy different types of hand gel.

Why is disinfection important?

Disinfection is an important weapon to protect our health. A disinfectant can disinfect the skin, devices and surfaces. In other words, disinfection kills microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses or renders them harmless. These microorganisms mainly spread through our hands, because we touch all kinds of things during the day. Doorknobs, remote controls and our own telephones are some of the biggest breeding grounds. To minimise this, it is best to regularly disinfect your hands with hand sanitiser.

The difference between disinfecting and cleaning lies in the elimination of these microorganisms. Contrary to disinfection, they remain after cleaning. Cleaning agents remove stubborn dirt such as dust and grease stains, but do not take away bacteria or viruses. For optimal hygiene it is therefore wise to clean first and - no matter how clean it all seems - to use a disinfectant afterwards.

How do I use disinfectant?

To benefit from the disinfecting effect of hand gel, we advise you to make your hands free of dirt beforehand. Wash your hands if you can. Then apply a small amount of hand sanitizer to the palm and rub it well on both hands, especially the inside and the fingertips. When your hands feel dry again, the hand gel has been properly absorbed.

Nobraa disinfectant hand gel is an alcohol-based agent that attacks bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms by destroying the cell membrane and proteins. By not adding a thinning gel, you disinfect your hands with maximum effectiveness. Make sure not to dilute the hand gel with water afterwards.

Which disinfectants can I buy at Nobraa?

At Nobraa you can find several types of disinfection. We sell antibacterial hand gel, also in keychain format, disinfection spray and the disinfection UV lamp. You can also find dispensers on our website. Handy for fixed places like the entrance of an office. 

If you are looking for a disinfectant, you can find it at Nobraa. As a medical wholesaler we deliver quickly, both to individuals and companies and from small to large orders. Order your hygiene products online and effectively kill microorganisms!

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