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Anti Fog glasses wipes Microfiber
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Anti-Fog Wipes for Glasses

Nobraa's anti-fog wipes help prevent condensation on spectacle lenses. Extra handy when you wear glasses and need to wear a mouth mask. The microfiber cloth is moistened with a patented liquid and, with a few good wipes, makes the glass crystal clear again without leaving any scratches.

The cloth is reusable and comes in a bag that you can unzip. After using it, you can easily close it again, so that the wipe doesn’t dry out.

Fog has brought us a lot of problems in our daily lives. For example, when we walked out of a warm room outside in the winter, the glasses immediately formed a fog, blurring our vision; when we were preparing hot meals, such as hot pot, the glasses would also generate fog, causing a lot of embarrassment; when we wore masks during a pandemic, fog would form in the eyeglasses, there are mirrors in the bathroom after the shower, digicams in the bathroom, etc. Anti-fog wipes offer a wide range of applications at current time, including defogging, anti-fogging, defrosting, and extreme decontamination cleaning for any glass.

How to Stop Glasses from Fogging Up?

The combination of cold winter weather, our own breathing, and our bodies' natural predisposition to sweat (yes, even in the cold) creates the ideal recipe for foggy eyeglasses.

If you rely on your glasses to compete, or if you're just wary of accidentally blinding yourself with your own hot beverages, here are 10 of the best tips and tricks from around the internet.


  1. Clean your lenses with anti-fog wipes. Starting with a simple remedy, anti-fog wipes are the first thing that comes to mind and are the simplest to obtain. The disadvantage of this option is that you must bring your wipes with you and stock up on them, but it is quick and simple.
  1. Clean Your Lenses with Shaving Cream This is what some people call a "life hack," but all you have to do is dab a little shaving cream on the front and rear of either lens, then gently wash it off with cold water.
  2. Clean your lenses with white soap. If you don't have any shaving cream on hand, you can substitute white bar soap; just make sure you don't rinse the soap with water. Instead, gently wipe the soap off your lenses with a clean, dry cloth until they are clear.
  1. Spray or apply anti-fog cream to your lenses. A paste or spray, like anti-fog wipes, provides the same effect but can be used for a variety of other things.
  1. Consider a lens coating that repels water. If you are truly tired of having to deal with any and all wetness on your glasses' lenses, a more permanent solution is to get a pair of glasses with a water-repellent lens coating. This repair, however, comes at the expense of being able to use other types of lens coatings.
  1. Use Saliva to Clean Foggy Glasses. Another life hack, this is by far the easiest and most cost-effective technique to keep your glasses from fogging up. It's not the best answer for sports because saliva can create optical distortions; it's also not the most hygienic alternative, and it might leave your glasses smelling a
  1. Ditch the Scarf. Depending on the fabric of your scarf, it could be the primary cause of fogging in your glasses. Fabrics that are difficult to breathe through might divert your breath and cause it to become trapped behind your lenses, resulting in fog.
  1. Choose or use glasses that are angled away from your face. Rather than getting a lens coating, you could get new glasses frames that sit further away from your face. Water will not condense as a result of the greater airflow, allowing it to evaporate more quickly while also avoiding your breath from becoming caught behind the lenses. Unfortunately, this technique reduces the amount of protection your glasses provide against dust and debris.
  1. Replace your glasses with contact lenses. If you're already thinking about switching from glasses to contact lenses, consider this: contacts don't get cloudy.

    10. Wearing Anti-Fog Glasses While Sports. This big-ticket option is for the serious outdoor activists out there who need the absolute finest when it comes to eyewear quality, similar to buying a new pair of frames or obtaining a new lens coating.

Most eyewear companies have their own anti-fog sport glasses lines; you may browse our selection of brands and frames here.

Moving between warm and cold locations while wearing prescription glasses, or practically any type of eyewear, can be inconvenient, even dangerous. It is critical to understand how to keep eyeglasses from fogging up, as this is a serious threat.

Foggy glasses require you to wipe the fog away every time you remove your glasses, impairing your eyesight and potentially damaging your spectacles.

It's important to understand what's causing the issue, how to protect your glasses from fogging up in the cold, and how to keep your best eyesight.

Why not arrange a free consultation at Midtown Optometry if you're considering any of the alternatives on this list? If you're not sure which anti-fog option is best for you, we have all of them.

Types of anti-fog solutions you can use!

The anti-fog coating is a thin layer of hydrophilic solution that decreases the surface tension of your glasses and prevents moisture from condensing on them. Although this method only provides temporary fog-resistant layers, has the greatest long-term choices. Can we use anti-fog for prescription glasses? This is a common question. Yes, the solution is self-evident. This is the most practical method for clearing the fog from your prescription glasses.

Anti-fog wipes for glasses sells anti-fog wipes composed of high-quality materials. While wearing a mask or eating a hot meal, these wipes properly clean and protect your glasses, allowing you to see clearly. Glasses anti-fog can effectively minimize and prevent the creation of fog on your lenses. Furthermore, anti-fog wipes for glasses are lightweight and portable, allowing you to take them with you wherever you go. These wipes clean the surface of your glasses while also coating them in an anti-fog solution.

Anti-fog gel for glasses

The anti-fog gel from is safe, natural, and effective. These anti-fog gels are alcohol and ammonia-free because these chemicals eventually degrade and strip away your hydrophilic coating. The anti-fog gel's hydrophobic, oleophobic, and anti-static qualities make it perfect for cleaning glass surfaces. The anti-fog gel has two purposes: first, it condenses, making it a bit stronger than the standard anti-fog spray, and second, it covers minor scratches on the lenses, making them clearer.

Anti-fog spray for glasses

For all those seeking clarity, this is the one solution to all foggy glasses difficulties. Anti-fog wipes's spray is safe and hypoallergenic, which means you won't be exposed to any harmful chemicals. It's simple to apply an anti-fog spray to your lenses, and the anti-fog spray's special formula provides the desired clarity. Anti-fog spray is quite convenient to use because it lasts a long time. It has defogging power that not only lasts but also leaves a streak-free finish.

Why is anti-fog for glasses essential?

Fogging is a common occurrence that most people overlook, yet it poses a serious threat to your safety. When your glasses fog up while driving, playing sports, or working in a lab, the consequences can be disastrous. To avoid any unpleasant situations, you must keep an anti-fog for glasses in your suitcase. Finding a good anti-fog for glasses can be difficult at first, but once you do, it will be a magical experience.

Additional considerations

After you've learned everything there is to know about anti-fog solutions, go through the following points:

  • In extreme instances, such as freezing temperatures or an extremely humid atmosphere, complete fog eradication is not possible.
  • You should think about how often you apply anti-fog to your glasses because it wears off faster on rainy days and needs to be reapplied.
  • Try to apply an anti-fog solution twice or more a day when the temperature is below freezing.

Anti-fog treatments have been found to be crucial for your prescription glasses and your safety, according to studies. Anti-fog's products for glasses are all safe and free of dangerous ingredients, so you can use them without worry. With the right product and proper application of anti-fog, you can get rid of foggy glasses.

As COVID-19 spreads like wildfire, we must wear a mask whenever we go outside and come into contact with other individuals. Masks should be worn at all times in enclosed public spaces. For the protection of our patients and staff, we have made it obligatory to wear a suitable mask protecting the nose and mouth at Doctors Eyecare Wetaskiwin. This means that when you come in for your eye exam and when you pick up your new glasses from us, you will need to wear a mask.

Wearing a mask, on the other hand, can cause your glasses to fog up, which is annoying since it obstructs your vision and can cause dry eyes. If you already wear glasses, you may have had cloudy glasses while wearing a mask multiple times. When your moist breath contacts your chilly eyeglass lens, it causes fogging. When warm moist air (or, in this example, your breath) comes into touch with the cool surface of your glasses lenses, it condenses, causing them to fog up and obstructing your vision. Fortunately, there are a few simple options that you may try to avoid this issue. Below are two practical ways that you can try:

  1. Wear a mask that fits properly.

The first step is to ensure that your mask is properly fitted. A mask with a wire around the nose that is properly fitted to your face is required. When a mask fits your face in this way, it prevents moist air from getting into your lenses and allows the wet air to escape via the sides.

  1. Use Anti-Fog Wipes Fog Blockers

If you're still having trouble with fogging while wearing a fitted mask, there's another wonderful alternative you can try. The Fog Blocker Anti-Fog Wipes are the answer. These wipes are a ground-breaking, patent-pending product developed by biotech researchers. Natural plant-based nanocellulose is incredibly water-absorbent, and the inventors behind this product realized that it could be put on any surface to actively absorb and prevent fog. By incorporating this substance in its wipes, it can prevent your glasses from fogging up as well.

Buy anti-fog wipes at Nobraa

If you want to buy the anti-fog wipes from Nobraa, you can order them online here. Nobraa supplies the microfiber wipes in single packs and in hundreds. This way you always have a solution at hand when your glasses get dirty or fogged up. The microfiber tissues are ideally suited for glass surfaces because of the liquid they are made damp with.

Apart from your glasses, you could also use them to clean a car window or the bathroom mirror, for example. No further cleaning products are required. When you wipe your glasses with the anti-fog cloth, you also prevent new condensation for a long time.