3-layer face mask

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Medical  Surgical Facemasks IIR
Medical Surgical Facemasks IIR
Disposable Facemasks Budget | 2000x
Disposable Facemasks Budget | 2000x
Disposable Facemasks  | per Pallet
Disposable Facemasks | per Pallet
IIR Surgical Facemasks | Black | 50pc
1000 stuks|DPMAX

At Nobraa you can buy cheap disposable 3-layer face masks in large quantities. Our disposable masks are 3-layer thick and from different brands and we offer them in different colours. They are all single use and should be disposed of immediately after use

Buy Nobraa 3-layer face masks

Nobraa's disposable face masks typically consist of 3 layers that prevent airborne particles from entering your body. At the same time, the face mask filters germs from your breath, preventing them from entering the air: 

  • Layer 1 filters out bacteria as you breathe in and out;
    Layer 2 filters fine particles in the inhaled and exhaled air;
    Layer 3 blocks dust particles

You wear a disposable face mask mainly to protect your surroundings and not to contaminate others with any germs in your breath. By wearing a disposable face mask, you are helping to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Do you want to protect yourself from the virus? Take one of our medical disposable masks, such as the FFP2 or FFP3 masks!

How to wear a 3-layer mask?

Always wash your hands before use or disinfect them with a disinfectant hand gel. Hold the 3-layer mask only by the elastic ear loops and not by the surface that goes over your mouth and nose. Hook the loops behind your ears and unfold the face mask over your nose and chin. Use the metal nose clip in the top of the mask to make sure the face mask fits snugly around your nose. Make sure that as little air as possible escapes from the sides, top and bottom. 

Instructions for 3-layer face masks

While wearing the 3-layer face mask, it is important not to touch the outside of the mask. This is because the outside of the mask may have become contaminated during use. Therefore, never put the mask on or take it off to talk, or to take bites of your food. Preferably do not wear a face mask longer than three hours at a time, or replace it as soon as it starts to feel damp and clammy. Always take an extra face mask if you are going to be on the road for more than 3 hours.

What should I do with a used 3-layer face mask?

When you have finished using your 3-layer face mask, you can dispose of it in the household waste. Again, do not touch the surface that has been covered by your mouth, nose and chin and only touch the ear elastics. The disposable face masks can only be used once. Always wash your hands after disposing of your mask or disinfect them with disinfectant hand gel.

Order 3-layer face masks at Nobraa.com

Buy 3-layer face masks inexpensively at Nobraa. Our disposable face masks can easily be purchased in economy packs of 50, 150 or even 1000 pieces. We also sell them in larger quantities such as per outer box or even per pallet!  This way you will have enough for a long time. At Nobraa, you also benefit from even more advantages when you buy several packs at once. Nobraa is your facemask wholesaler: the advantage can be as high as 35%!