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At Nobraa you can buy your training masks cheaply. These reusable sports masks are ideal for sports, both indoors and outdoors! You can use them for example for fitness, mountain biking, horseback riding, skiing etc. The mouthguards are washable and equipped with a set of washable filters that are easy in and out.

On the front of the sport masks are 2 exhaust valves, so the air can easily leave, and you can easily continue to breathe during exercise! To ensure that the training masks remain securely in place during your workout and cannot fall off, the ear loops continue through and you can also use a Velcro strap to attach and tighten. Furthermore, these training masks are made of a flexible fabric so that they move better with the wearer.

How do I put on a training mask?

Always wash your hands first with soap and water or use a disinfectant hand gel. Only touch the fabric mask by the ear loops and not the mask itself. Place the loops over your ears and make sure the surface is positioned correctly over your nose and chin. If the mouth mask is too loose, you can make the loops larger or smaller by using this Velcro. 

What do I do with the training mask after exercising?

When taking off your training mask, only touch the loops and try not to touch the part that was over your nose and mouth. After sports, you can take out the filter and wash it at 60°C, or put the mask with filter and all in the washing machine. When washing your sports mask, only use normal detergent and no fabric softener.

Order sports facemasks at Nobraa

Buying sports facemasks is easy and fast at Nobraa. With us, the discount piles up when you buy several training masks at once. The discount at Nobraa can be up to 35%! This way you have enough for all your employees, or the whole family.