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At Nobraa you can easily buy single and bulk quantities of FFP3 masks. These are N99 filtered masks providing the highest level of protection from potentially dangerous particles and substances. You can wear this filtered mask for a longer period without any discomfort. Buying an FFP3 face mask is very easy at Nobraa, your medical wholesaler. 

Why buy an FFP3 mask?

Why should you buy an FFP3 mask? FFP3 face masks have a minimum filtration of 99% and a maximum leakage of 2% into the body. This makes wearing this mask simply very safe, as the filter material is considerably thicker than in other masks. They often contain a valve to assist breathing, but this is not necessary. An FFP3 mask with a valve also helps to keep moisture out of the mask. This is good for the life of the mask. An extra reason for many people to buy an FFP3 face mask. In addition, these masks mould better to your face. This ensures a better fit. 

What is an FFP3 mask?

Are you looking for well-protected masks? Then an FFP3 mask is a very suitable choice. But what is it exactly? An FFP3 mask, also known as an N99 mask, is a mask with a very high filter capacity against, for example, viruses. This type of face protection often comes with a filter or valve. This stops particles in the air. 

Both an FFP2 mask (N95 mask) and an FFP3 mask (N99 mask) are very suitable protection for healthcare personnel. This also applies to situations involving the care of COVID-19 patients. These medical masks are among the most popular masks for everyday use. 

How well does an FFP3 mask protect?

The FFP3 mask filters at least 99% of airborne particles. The difference between an FFP3 and FFP2 mask is that an FFP3 face mask has an additional protective layer. As a result, these masks provide even better protection. 

In addition, these masks have a tighter fit. This allows them to retain particles even better. This results in a very good filter percentage of 99%, compared to 94% of an FFP2 mask. Besides bacteria and viruses, an FFP3 mask also protects against aerosols, asbestos or other harmful biochemical substances.

Is an FFP3 mask the best protective mask against COVID-19?

Do you want the best possible protection against coronavirus? With an FFP3 mask, you run the least risk of being infected. People wearing these masks have less chance of catching the coronavirus. This is because medical masks of, for example, type I, II or IIR have a less tight fit than this mask. Thus, an FFP3 face mask lets fewer particles in.

An FFP3 mask is therefore more tightly pressed against the face than the surgical mask. The same applies when comparing the fabric reusable masks distributed to the general population for daily use during the pandemic. In many cases, a fabric mask offers very little protection compared to medical face masks.

What does the FFP3 mask protect against?


Tiny droplets are released when someone coughs or sneezes, for example. An FFP3 mask protects against this. This is one of the main reasons for wearing a mask. When an infected person coughs or sneezes near you, the mask creates a barrier. The barrier prevents body fluids from reaching your face and being inhaled. 


Virus particles spread by aerosols can remain airborne for some time. When someone sneezes, the droplets are emitted in the first place. They travel a short distance, but aerosolized virus particles are also released and remain airborne for longer periods. The reason why people buy an FFP3 mask is often to protect themselves against these particles. There is currently uncertainty about how long COVID-19 can remain in aerosol, and therefore how dangerous it is compared to other factors.

Mouth and nose

Because the FFP3 mask protects our face, it is difficult for us to come into contact with an infected object. And thus to carry the virus to our mouth and nose. Besides the two advantages described above, this is an important detail. The only thing to remember is to wash your hands thoroughly once you have removed the mask.

How to wear an FFP3 mask correctly

Do you want to buy an FFP3 face mask, but don't know how to wear it properly? Then, for optimal protection, it is useful to know how to place the mask from the packaging directly onto the face. Please follow these instructions. But always look at the instructions that come with the mask itself.


  • Hold your mask lightly around the edges of the pack to remove it
  • Place your mask over your nose and mouth by grasping only the edges
  • Pull the lower strap of the mask over your head and around your neck
  • Pull the top strap over your head and place it just above your ears, on the back of your head
  • Place the mask under your chin and gently adjust
  • To get a good fit and seal, adjust the upper and lower straps on each side of the face mask
  • Shape the bendable edge to the bridge of your nose. Pinch it closed with your fingertips, to prevent air from entering
  • Press the harder strip around your nose to fit the bridge of your nose
  • Once the mask is in place, touch it as little as possible

Need help?

Want to buy an FFP3 mask, but still have some questions? Then get in touch with us. Our customer service representatives are ready to assist you! Are you looking for an FFP2 mask? We also have these in our product range.