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It is impossible to imagine today's society without face masks. It has been urgently recommended to wear one in indoor public places such as shops, museums and libraries. All this to limit the spread of Covid-19 as much as possible. Therefore in some places, a face mask is mandatory. Of course, you want a mask of the best quality that offers the right protection. You can buy masks online at Nobraa.

Types of face masks

Our face masks are available in many different types. The most important are disposable and reusable masks. Between the disposable masks, there is a difference between medical masks, such as the FFP2 mask and FFP3 mask, and non-medical masks.

You can of course also make your own reusable face mask, but we recommend a higher quality mask. Our masks consist of several layers, which provide better filtering than self-made fabric masks. You can also order filters for the fabric masks from us.

Buy fabric face masks

Washable face masks, also known as cloth face masks, are non-medical face masks that are reusable and therefore more durable. A cloth mask should be washed at 60 degrees after each use, without the use of a fabric softener. Fabric masks can also be ironed at 170 degrees. It is a good idea to take an extra face mask with you when you go out. That way, you will always be wearing a hygienic and clean mask.

The washable face masks are therefore not the most hygienic or best protective masks on the market. The advantage, however, is that they can be used several times, which is good for your wallet but also for the environment. At Nobraa you can buy cloth masks in many different colours and with nice prints. Of course it is nice when a mask can look nice too!

Buy disposable face masks

As the name suggests, disposable face masks are intended for one-time use. This means that if you have worn the mask in the supermarket, for example, you should throw it away immediately afterwards. For use in public transport, a new disposable mask should be used after each journey. Always read the instructions for use carefully.

Our best-selling variant of non-medical face masks is the 3-ply face mask. This disposable mask consists of 3 absorption layers that prevent airborne particles from entering your airways.

  • Layer 1 absorbs moisture from the breath
  • Layer 2 filters bacteria as you inhale and exhale
  • Layer 3 reduces exposure to blood and hazardous liquids

The 3-layer masks have a 95% filtering performance and are ideal for use in public transport, for example.

Buy medical face masks

In addition to non-medical masks, you can also buy medical face masks from us. The medical masks are available in 3, 5 or 6 layers. The best masks are the FFP2 mask and FFP3 mask. FFP stands for Filtering Facepiece Particle, which means it is a face mask that filters particles. The number behind the FFP indicates to what extent the inhaled air is filtered. The higher this number, the more protection the mask offers.

Difference between the ffp2 mask and ffp3 mask

With a filter efficiency of at least 99%, the FFP3 mask is the best filtering medical face mask. FFP3 masks protect the wearer from germs, viruses and bacteria. FFP2 masks filter up to 95%. Both the FFP2 mask and the FFP3 mask are therefore good protectors. 

FFP3 masks are also available with a valve that helps you to breathe. The idea of the valve is that it does not let air in, but it does let the air out when you breathe out. The FFP3 mask of course provides very good protection, but with so many layers of protection, it can become more difficult to wear the FFP3 mask for a longer period.

Type IIR face mask

Besides the FFP3 and FFP2 masks, we also sell 3-ply medical face masks. A 3-ply medical mask is a disposable face mask like the surgical model with very good protection. These are also known as medical IIR face masks. An IIR face mask must comply with certain European regulations and is therefore not just a 3-ply face mask. A face mask that complies with the guidelines, and therefore can be called an IIR mask, is also suitable for medical use.  

How to wear a face mask?

During the face mask obligation, people who have never worn a face mask before suddenly had to use one. It seems logical how a face mask or other face mask should be worn, but this often goes wrong. "Which side is the front and which is the back of the face mask?" or "What is the top and bottom?" When the compulsory face mask came into the country, this was not always immediately clear. 

For disposable face masks with a white and a blue side, the following always applies: blue is the outside and white is the inside. Often the masks also have a nose clip on the edge. That is then the top. Our washable fabric face masks are pre-shaped to fit only one way. This also applies to the FFP3 and FFP2 masks. Do you have or will you buy a fabric mask? So always check if the fit is right and if you are wearing the mask in the right way.

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