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Since the global pandemic due to Covid-19, it's impossible to imagine going somewhere without needing to have a face mask on. Whether you want to go to the gym or visit a shop, you normally can't go in without wearing a correct face mask. Regardless of the lockdown, many countries made it compulsory to wear a mask in public transport and places like shops, museums and libraries, to minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

Nobraa offers a wide range of high-quality face masks. All our masks have been tested by independent Dutch research organization TNO. Of course, you want a face mask of the best quality that offers the right protection and still wears comfortably. You can find those at Nobraa.

Why wear a face mask of Nobraa?

People wear masks not only to protect themselves, but also those around them. By making sure we always have a good face mask with us, we contribute to limiting the risks. Our face masks consist of multiple layers that filter any germs that could otherwise escape through the air. You can buy face masks online at Nobraa. Ordering in our shop is simple, safe and quick. You can be assured that you'll get a reliable product of good quality and protection when you buy something at Nobraa.

Our face masks come in many types. We sell disposable and reusable masks, medical and non-medical, in different colors and number of layers, and more. Which type of mask you want or need to wear is up to you, but be aware that in some countries only masks with FFP2 or above are allowed. FFP stands for Filtering Face Piece and tells you how strong the filtering is of a certain mask, expressed as a percentage. The used material and the number of layers of the mask are important for the quality and protection.

Disposable face masks

As the name suggests, disposable face masks are intended for single use. This means that when you have worn the mask in a supermarket, you should throw it away afterwards. And if you hop on a bus multiple times a day, you have to use a new one every single time. For these kinds of situations, we recommend our black disposable 3-layer mask, which consists of three different absorption layers that prevent airborne particles from entering your airways.

Washable face masks

We can imagine that some people would like to have a face mask that they can use more than once. In that case, we recommend our cotton face masks. They are very comfortable, made from two-layer cotton. Based on one-size-fits-most, these reusable face masks fit around most facial contours. The adjustable loops allow you to attach the mouth mask easily but securely. They can be washed repeatedly at 60°C and ironed at 180°C.

How do I wear a face mask?

Putting on and wearing a face mask may seem easy and logical, but is often done wrong. People wonder which side has to face outwards and which side inwards, or they forget to wash their hands and touch their mask too often. The rule for disposable masks with a white and a blue side is: the blue layer has to face to the outside, the white layer has to touch your face. The upper edge of these masks is easily recognized by the nose clip, that you can adjust to make your mask fit better. Our washable cotton masks, as well as our FFP3 masks, are actually preformed so that they only fit one way.

Before donning your face mask, wash your hands with soap and water or use disinfectant hand gel. Only touch the mask by the cords or rubber bands. Make sure the nose, mouth and chin are covered and that as little air as possible escapes through all sides of the mask. While wearing the mask, don't touch it, or your face, unless you need to put it on or off and use the mask for a maximum of three consecutive hours. When you want to remove the face mask, only grab the cords or elastic bands, not the mask itself. Afterwards, wash your hands again with soap and water or use a hand gel. Disposable face masks should be thrown away as soon as possible, while reusable face masks should be washed at 60 degrees after each use, without the use of a fabric softener.

Buying multiple face masks at Nobraa?

If you want to buy more than one face mask at a time, you will receive an extra discount. So why not enjoy our standard discount based on quantity? The more you order, the lower the price per product. A good choice if you want to order a set of high-quality masks for your customers or employees, for example. If you have any questions about our products, please contact our customer service. We are happy to help.

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With our set of fifty disposable 3-layer face masks you contribute to limiting the spread of the coronavirus.
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With our 150 x 3-layer disposable mouth masks you contribute to limiting the spread of the Coronavirus.
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Most sold face shield in the world. Comfortable and sturdy.
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Our certified medical mouth masks protect you against bacteria and viruses.
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One-size-fits-most protective face mask to fit most facial contours.
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With our 3-layer disposable mouth masks you contribute to limiting the spread of the Coronavirus.
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