Disposable face masks for kids

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At Nobraa, you can also buy disposable face masks for kids. These are mostly in smaller sizes, made specifically for a child's head and face, so that they too can remain well protected.

Buy disposable kids face masks at Nobraa

For single use, it is best to order a stack of disposable kids face masks. Nobraa offers them in different sizes and quantities. If you are looking for washable face masks for children, still no need to worry! You can choose from several colours and find them here. As a medical wholesaler, we can sell them to you at competitive prices and great offers.

Where normally only medical professions used mouth masks, wearing a mouth mask has now become the most normal thing in the world. The demand for mouth masks has risen enormously due to the Coronavirus, so more supply is needed. At Nobraa we provide this supply, so that hospital staff, therapists, GPs, but also the general public, are always protected. Our mouth masks are CE approved and meet all European quality standards.

As a wholesaler we distinguish ourselves by not only selling in bulk, but also in numbers that are practical for individuals. So you can buy a few mouth masks from us, a box of 50 to 250 mouth masks, or even a full pallet of over 40,000 mouth masks. So everyone can continue to protect themselves and each other.