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Nitril Gloves Blue | Romed Holland Nitromed | Large-100

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Article reference NITROM-800 Article Description Romed Nitromed blue gloves, per 100 pcs in a dispenserbox Articlename Romed Nitromed blue gloves Latex Free
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Nitril Gloves Blue | Romed Holland Nitromed

  • 100 pieces of quality gloves
  • Dutch brand
  • Latex-free
  • Blue gloves


Finger and palm minimum 0.05 mm

Physical properties:

Tensile strength greater than 3.6 N
Stretching greater than 350

Test requirements:

1000 ml water leak test G-1 and AQL 1.5
Physical properties S-2 AQL 4.0
Size S-2 AQL 4.0
Visual inspection S-2 4.0 Major 2.5 Minor 1.0 Critical


Nitrile gloves

As compared to latex, nitrile is a stronger substance. Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic rubber and are of a higher quality. Therefore they are very suitable when working with oil and grease or chemical products, for example. Due to the thicker material, holes are also less likely to appear in the glove, at the cost of its elasticity. If a nitrile glove does get punctured or tears, it is generally easy to see.


Powder versus powder-free medical gloves

Latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves can all be found powdered or powder-free online. In general, the powder makes the gloves easier to put on and helps protect against moisture and sweat. They are therefore more comfortable than powder-free gloves. However, powdered gloves cannot be used in every environment. The powder can stain the products you work with, so it's not suitable for those preparing food, for example. Also, the skin of people with a latex allergy may be sensitive to the powder, because latex particles that are released stick to it.

CE marking

With regard to CE marking there are three categories: simple design, medium design and complex design. Basically, this comes down to how much risk the work the gloves are used for presents. The first category is for light work with relatively low risks, such as gardening and assembly or working with hot objects. The second category has slightly stricter requirements and offers more protection against, for example, cutting or welding. The third category includes gloves that protect against aggressive chemicals and high or extremely low temperatures.

NEN standardisation

Do you know the size of the medical gloves? Of course it is also useful to know the correct size of the gloves. How do you find out which one fits you best? Very simple: measure how many centimeters the width of your palm is. Nine centimeters equals size 9, 10 cm to size 10, et cetera.

Order medical gloves at Nobraa.com

If you want to order gloves from Nobraa.com, you can do so here. Should you need nitrile gloves in larger quantities, we have a nice offer. We offer a box of 100 nitrile gloves, in different sizes, at an attractive price. If you order more than one box, you can enjoy our discount.


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