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Anti Fog glasses wipes | Microfiber | Re-usable | Single-pack

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Anti Fog Wipe for Glasses, Reusable Anti Fogging Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Lens Wipe Defogger for Eyeglasses. Best anti-fog glasses & Eyeglass Lens Cleaner.
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Anti Fog glasses wipes | Microfiber | Re-usable

Anti-fog wipes

What could be more annoying than wearing eyeglasses that constantly fog up or get dirty, without being able to clean them properly? At Nobraa you will find, among other hygiene products, anti-fog wipes for glasses or any other smooth surfaces.

Prevent glasses from fogging up

Nobraa's anti-fog wipes help prevent condensation on spectacle lenses. Extra handy when you wear glasses and need to wear a mouth mask. The microfibre cloth is moistened with a patented liquid and, with a few good wipes, makes the glass crystal clear again without leaving any scratches.

The cloth is reusable and comes in a bag that you can unzip. After using it, you can easily close it again, so that the wipe doesn’t dry out.

Buy anti-fog wipes at Nobraa

If you want to buy the anti-fog wipes from Nobraa, you can order them online here. Nobraa supplies the microfibre wipes in single packs and in hundreds. This way you always have a solution at hand when your glasses get dirty or fogged up. The microfibre tissues are ideally suited for glass surfaces because of the liquid they are made damp with.

Apart from your glasses, you could also use them to clean a car window or the bathroom mirror, for example. No further cleaning products are required. When you wipe your glasses with the anti-fog cloth, you also prevent new condensation for a long time.

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