The corona pandemic: are we close to the end?

The corona pandemic: are we close to the end?

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Even a few days ahead of schedule, the next step of the opening plan goes into effect. What can be done as of June 26 and what is not yet possible? We give you a clear overview of the Covid-19 relaxations!

Starting this Saturday, it's all possible again: going to the club with friends, going on a holiday with your family or working up a sweat in an intense sports class. It almost seems as if the Covid-19 virus never existed, now that the government is abolishing the vast majority of the measures. But although the population is being vaccinated at a rapid pace, some measures will of course remain in place. What can be done as of upcoming Saturday and what can not be done yet? In this blog we give you an overview! 

What is allowed?

Even a few days earlier than planned, the next step of the opening plan goes into effect. As of next Saturday, June 26th, almost any activity where the one and a half meter rule can be guaranteed, is allowed again. Parties, sports, work and travel! In places where this distance cannot be guaranteed, there is still a mouth mask requirement or you must be able to show a test or vaccination certificate. But this news is in any case many times more positive than before.

Going out

To start with, something that many people have been looking forward to for months: you can go out again! From this Saturday onwards the nightclubs and bars are open again and also festivals can start again from June 30th. 

There are three options for access to events: you do a free corona test within 40 hours before the event (you can schedule it via, you show your vaccination certificate or you show the recovery certificate that proves that you have recovered from corona less than six months ago. And once you're in, you can dance as normal: the one and a half meter rule does not have to be adhered to! 


Also in sports, from this Saturday, everything is almost back to normal. Indoor and outdoor sports are allowed again without restrictions, amateur competitions for adults may continue and in sports venues and public the occupancy may be increased to 100%. The only thing that still applies is the one and a half meter rule. This must be adhered to in both sports venues and the public. 


For some people, working from home was a godsend. A quick laundry in between, a walk with a colleague instead of a meeting at the office and no burden of travel time and rush hour. However, a large number of people also felt the need for some social time with colleagues and did not have a good place to work. So working from home had clear advantages and disadvantages. 

In the meantime, the advice 'work from home, unless there is no other option' has been abandoned by the government. Those who would like to do so can again go to the office for a maximum of 50% of the time. In consultation with the employer of course and unless the one and a half meter distance at the office can be maintained. But for many people this is a nice relaxation: they can occasionally 'enjoy' working at home, but also sometimes go to the office for a nice desk chair and a cup of coffee and some social time with colleagues.


Travel within Europe is also allowed this summer with a Digital Corona Certificate (DCC). This certificate is available with a valid vaccination, recovery or test certificate and should make it easy to go on vacation within the European Union during the summer. As of June 24th, you can already create such a digital certificate via or in the Corona Check application. As of June 25th, the travel advisories will be adjusted and for a vacation in July and August you can get tested for free. Vamos a la playa! 


Finally, the measure that probably everyone hates the most will expire: the face mask requirement. Especially for people with respiratory problems or glasses, this was a hugely intractable obligation. But as of this Saturday, you don't have to wear your mouth mask almost anywhere anymore! 

Only in places where it is not possible to maintain the one and a half meter distance, such as public transport and airplanes, in some parts of stations and in schools, you will still have to wear your mouth mask. So it's still useful to make sure you have it on hand so there are no nasty surprises. 

Remain cautious 

Finally, despite the positive news and easing, the government's advice is still to remain cautious. Not everyone has been vaccinated yet, there are still countries where infections are higher and the virus has not completely disappeared. Therefore, the ground rules remain in effect, which means that you should still apply the one and a half meter distance, test and stay home if you have symptoms, and properly disinfect your hands with hand gel. 

If you would like more information about the upcoming relaxations, you can visit the website of the national government. And should you need medical supplies such as mouth masks, hand sanitizer or corona tests, we at Nobraa are of course ready to assist you with high quality medical products! 

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