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When to buy a COVID self-test?

With a COVID self-test, also called a quick test, you check whether your body contains antigens of the coronavirus. These are pieces of protein from the virus that trigger an immune response in your body. If you have these antigens of the COVID-19, then you are currently carrying the virus. 

You can use the antigen self-test for many different situations. First, of course, you can use it to quickly and easily test whether you have corona when you have symptoms. If you test positive, you will know straight away that you have to stay indoors, cancel your appointments and no longer have any contact with your surroundings. The COVID self-test is also ideal for checking before, for example, visiting family or friends.

In addition, as an employer you can use the self-tests at meetings, events or in the office to protect your employees as much as possible. The chance that one of your employees has corona and infects his or her colleagues is thus considerably reduced. So if the company needs to gather several people, this way you can ensure that everyone can carry out their work with peace of mind. 

Benefits of the COVID self-test

Antigens are found in the nasal and/or throat mucus. With the nasal swab test, you can check whether you have corona by taking a sample of the nasal mucus. Follow the instructions for use on the leaflet. On the test device, on which you eventually drop the liquid of the test, you will then quickly be able to read whether you have the virus or not. 

How reliable is a COVID self-test?

The advantage of a COVID self-test is that the tests are fast, reliable and easy to administer. You can do the tests where and when you want. You do not need an appointment for the test and the results are available in no more than thirty or even ten minutes. If the result is positive, the test is extremely reliable, so you know for sure that it is better to stay at home to avoid infecting your surroundings. 

Only with a negative result is there a chance that the COVID self-test is wrong. Because at the beginning of the infection your body may not yet have produced many antigens against the virus, the test may not yet be able to detect the virus. So if you have complaints, but the result of the quick test is still negative, it is important that you keep your distance and stay inside if necessary. Make an appointment with the GGD to be sure! 

How does the COVID self-test work?

Taking a DIY test is very easy. You can do it quickly, wherever you want. The most important thing is that you read the leaflet carefully and follow the instructions.

In short, the self-test means that you take a sample of your throat or nose mucus and put it in a liquid. By means of this liquid and a pipette, you can then simply drip the mixture of your mucus and the liquid onto the test device. Just wait, as long as indicated on the leaflet, and then you have your result! 

Order large numbers of corona tests

Do you want to buy large numbers of COVID self tests? This is possible at Nobraa. Nobraa is a wholesaler of medical products and therefore sells many products in dozens, hundreds and sometimes even thousands of pieces. Ordering self-tests in large quantities is also possible. The self-tests of Nobraa, like the New Gene corona self-test, are according to the Dutch government suitable to use. This can be recognised by the CE logo on the packaging. 

Need help? 

At Nobraa you can easily order self tests. Would you like to buy a COVID self-test, but you are not quite sure? Or do you need more information or advice? Please contact us, we will be happy to help you.