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Antiseptic Royal Clean hand gel | disinfectant with 70% alcohol

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Disinfect your hands quickly and hygienically with this disinfectant hand gel! No water or soap needed. Bottle of 250 milliliters of transparent liquid, easy to carry. Alcohol content: 70%
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Antiseptic Royal Clean hand gel | disinfectant with 70% alcohol

With this antibacterial, disinfecting hand gel from Royal Clean, you can easily and quickly keep your hands clean. Because we grasp all kinds of things with our hands every day, microorganisms can easily spread. By regularly lubricating your hands with this hand gel, you won't give them that chance. This effective, hygienic gel ensures optimal results without stressing the skin and, with regular use, prevents the risk of unwanted manual transmission.

With 70% alcohol, this gel is antiseptic and effective against bacteria and viruses. In addition, the product is 100% safe for the environment and contains no hazardous components. Royal Clean is gentle on the skin and completely safe for humans, animals and aquatic environments.

Use of disinfectant hand gel from Royal Clean

Nobraa sells Royal Clean's disinfectant hand gel in 250-milliliter bottles. It is therefore ideal to take along for those who are on the road a lot. The bottle takes up little space because of its small size and is easy to open and close with a cap. Water and soap are not necessary for use of this disinfectant. In fact, the effect is reduced if you add water directly to the product.

Apply a small amount, about 3 to 4 milliliters, to your hands before use. Make sure your hands are clean and dry. Rub the product well over the fingers, back and palms of your hand for 40 seconds. Do this in more or less the same way as if you were washing your hands with soap and water, in order to spread the disinfecting effect well over the skin folds and render microorganisms harmless. Then allow the hands to dry thoroughly.

Note: Do not apply hand disinfection and cleansing immediately after each other. Doing both in succession dries out the skin more and damages it more quickly. This is also not advisable for the effect of the hand gel. Did you accidentally get something in your eye, for example by rubbing your eyes just after applying the hand gel? Then rinse well under the tap with lukewarm water. Consult your doctor if you keep an irritated feeling.

Why use disinfectant hand gel of Royal Clean

  • For optimal hygiene of your hands
  • Kills harmful microorganisms
  • Quick and effective to use
  • Easy to carry (250 ml)
  • 100% biodegradable
  • No petroleum-based alcohol
  • No harmful and (eco)toxic substances
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