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Face Mask Filter | PM2.5 | for all AP Washable facemasks

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White and reusable 3-ply face mask. Protective and washable material, PM2.5 filter. Completely covers nose and mouth.
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Face Mask Filter | PM2.5 | for all AP Washable facemasks

PM 2.5 Filter Masks

A PM2. 5 filter is a disposable insert that improves a mask's filtration effectiveness, especially against the smallest aerosolized particles. A certified pm2. 5 filter used with a fitted cloth mask can block the vast majority of airborne particulates, including fine aerosols.

What Does PM 2.5 Stand For?

PM 2.5 stands for the term ‘fine particulate matter’ and represents air pollutant particles that are up to 2.5 µm in size and composition (Aerosol Aerodynamic Diameter is less than 2.5 µm).

These can be liquid or solid particles that can be fine and ultrafine. PM 2.5 particles occur in cases of burning fuel, automobile exhaust, burning of garbage and landfill, processing and melting of metals, as well as chemical reactions that occur in the atmosphere.

They are also the primary contributors to the creation of smog, which has become an increasingly hazardous problem in hundreds of cities around the world.

PM 2.5 particles include sulfates, nitrates, ammonia, carbon monoxide, and many other heavy metal particles that can be hazardous to our overall health.

When inhaled, these particles can travel to the lungs and other organs, causing most commonly heart and lung disease. These particles can cause harm to anyone, but children and the elderly are most sensitive to the effect of PM 2.5 particles.

Also, they are more likely to cause harm to people with an impaired immune system, alcohol users, smokers, and generally people who lead a less healthy lifestyle.


  • Filtration technology: made of activated carbon and non-woven melt-blown filter cloth, five-layer filter system effectively keep away from PM2.5 and a range of airborne contaminants (Please Note That The Mask Face Is Nota Filter)
  • Reasonable size: filters size measures approx. 12.5 x 8 cm/ 4.9x 3.1 inches, compatible with most dust masks, easy to insert or replace the original one with no problem
  • Good design: multiple protection to isolate dust, multi-layer folding, good ventilation, double your protection against nasty substances, gases and odors with an additional filter inserted into the inside of your pollution mask
  • Wide applications: mouth mask filter anti airborne particles dust, seasonal allergies, smoke, pollution, ash, gardening pollen and so on, suit to most occasions

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