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FFP2 5-Layer Medical Face masks White | HG | quality mask | made in EU | 5-pack

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Top quality FFP2 mask, made in Europe. Single sealed, in a 5 pack. The FFP2 masks are designed for single use and are packed individually.
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FFP2 5-Layer Medical Face masks White | HG | quality mask | made in EU

FFP2 mask

For the best FFP2 masks you can go to Nobraa. Our masks protect both you and your surroundings against micro-organisms moving through the air. Because they have been tested extensively, you can be confident that the FFP2 mask will do its job properly. The ones from Nobraa are all certified and if required we can provide you with the certificates.

Difference between medical and non-medical masks

The difference between medical and non-medical masks lies in their function. While a non-medical mask is primarily worn to protect the wearer's environment, a medical mask is worn to protect the wearer from airborne germs. They are therefore also used in hospitals to prevent infection.

How do I put on an FFP2 mask?

When donning a medical mask, you must first disinfect your hands with a disinfectant hand gel. Then hold the mask in one hand and the rubber bands in the other. Place the FFP2 mask under your chin and, with the other hand, pull the elastic up to your crown. Then place the bottom elastic band under the ears and position the top of the mask just below the bridge of your nose. Finally, check that the mask fits snugly around your face and adjust if necessary.

Instructions for FFP2 face masks

As with our other face masks, such as our disposable and cloth masks, it is important to avoid touching the outside of the mask while wearing it. This is because the outside of a medical mask can be contaminated with viruses and other germs when worn. If you touch the outside of the mask, these germs may end up on your hands and you could end up infecting yourself.

What should I do with a used medical mask?

Nobraa FFP2 masks are for single use only and cannot be washed. When you are finished wearing your FFP2 mask, take it off by gripping the mask at the elastics and pulling it over your head. Then dispose of the mask in the waste bin and immediately disinfect your hands with disinfectant hand gel or soap and water.

Buy FFP2 mouth masks at Nobraa.com

Buy an FFP2 mask quickly and safely at Nobraa. Here you can easily order your medical masks online, after which they are usually delivered to your home the next day. At Nobraa you can enjoy even more benefits: the more medical masks you order, the higher the benefit for you. The advantage can be as high as 35 percent!


FFP2 medisch masker

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