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Pregnancy Test | Romed | Dip Test

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Pregnancy test by Romed. Reliable dip test that tells you in minutes if you are pregnant.
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Pregnancy Test | Romed | Dip Test

Nobraa sells separate pregnancy tests from the Romed brand. With this dip-test you can quickly but reliably check whether you are pregnant. Within minutes you can read the result. How does it work? After the correct amount of urine specimen has been inserted into the sample opening, the sample will migrate through the test device by capillary action.

When used correctly, at least one line should always become visible: the C line. This red band in the control region of the test should always appear regardless of the presence of the hCG hormone. This is for internal qualitative control of the test system. If the test strip only shows this single line, the result is negative.

If the T line appears during the test in addition to the C line, the result is positive and you are pregnant. In this case two lines are visible: a clear control line and the test line. Even if this test line is light and less clear than the C line, hCG has been detected in the urine.

Instructions for use

Take the sealed package and check that the expiration date has not passed. This should be on the package itself. Collect your urine in a sterile container. Make sure your hands are clean and dry when you open the package and take out the test.

Hold the test by the blue part and dip the absorbent part into the urine for a few seconds. Make sure that you do not go any deeper than the indicated maximum. Then lay the test down horizontally on a flat surface with the window and the word "max" facing up. Leave the test for about five to ten minutes and check the result. Do not wait longer than 30 minutes to read the test results.

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