How to actively control your health?

How to actively control your health?

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Actively controlling and monitoring your health can be a nice confirmation of a healthy body, a good check if you are experiencing symptoms and a good way to not unnecessarily burden the healthcare system. How? Read our article!

A healthy body is extremely important for most people. If your body is healthy, you will (probably) live longer and you will feel more energetic and fit during the day and with practicing sports. You can adjust a lot to your lifestyle that has a positive effect on your body, for example eating healthy or getting enough sleep. 

But besides adjusting your lifestyle, it is also possible to actively control your health through medical products. In this way you can maintain your hygiene and keep an eye on whether your body values are normal and healthy. So you can go through life without worrying whether you and your body are healthy. 

Would you like to know what products we sell at Nobraa that can help you keep your body healthy? Below we will give you an overview and explanation of these products.


The first thing you can do to maintain your physical health is to make sure your hygiene is sufficient. Through disinfection such as hand gel or our UV light cleaner, you ensure that you are not unnecessarily exposed to bacteria and viruses. These products kill the viruses or disable them so they cannot cause diseases. 

If you disinfect your hands regularly, for example after a visit to the supermarket or a ride in public transport, this will have a positive effect on your health. By killing the bacteria with the disinfect, you will not catch any unnecessary viruses. So disinfecting your hands is just a small effort, but with a big impact on your health! 


In addition, various medical products allow you to measure your body's values such as temperature, oxygen or blood pressure, for example. Checking these values is not necessary of course: you may assume that you and your body are healthy. But it can be a nice extra check to monitor and have a conformation of your health. 

Also, if you have certain symptoms, it may be a good idea to take these measurements. Do you feel a bit shivery, for example? Then it could be that your temperature is higher than normal and your having a fever. Or are you a little tired or stuffy? Then it’s a good idea to measure the oxygen level in your blood with a saturation meter. 

With the help of these products you can easily check your values yourself, without having to go straight to the doctor. If your values are good, you are reassured and you can look further into where the complaints come from. Maybe these complaints are 'just' caused by stress, hormones or a change in your lifestyle and there is no reason to panic! 

When to go to the doctor? 

The great thing about medical products that allow you to measure your own body values is that you don't have to visit your doctor for every vague complaint. With a little headache or a little shivery feeling, you can check yourself whether something serious might be going on or whether these complaints are just caused by things like little sleep or stress. If there is nothing wrong, this way you don't have to unnecessarily burden the healthcare system. The doctors are busy enough already, for example because of the Covid-19 pandemic! 

But that still leaves the question: when should you visit your family doctor? The answer is simple. If your body values are not 'perfect', but maybe a bit on the high or low side, there is no reason to panic. It's smart to keep an eye on these values and measure them for example every X number of days, so you can see if the values are stable or still significantly decreasing/rising. 

If, on the other hand, your body values are extremely low or high, it is wise to visit your doctor. Especially if this is accompanied by symptoms, he or she can tell you what is going on, whether treatment or medication is necessary and whether or not you need to worry. After all, a doctor is ultimately the only professional! 


Finally, at Nobraa we sell everything you need to ensure your hygiene and take your measurements. We sell different types of disinfection and different types of meters such as blood pressure monitors, fever thermometers and saturation meters. These products are of course, as you expect from us, of high quality and conform to all required national and international markings and standards. So check your physical health now with the products from Nobraa! 

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