Is measuring your blood pressure at home reliable?

Is measuring your blood pressure at home reliable?

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Measuring your blood pressure at home provides more reliable results then when going to a doctor or the hospital. Why? Nobraa explains!

As you may know, it is wise for your health to check your blood pressure regularly. By doing so, you can prevent yourself from having too low blood pressure or too high blood pressure and experiencing symptoms as a result. Checking your blood pressure does not require a visit to a doctor: you can do it yourself! Measuring your blood pressure yourself is very simple and, on the basis of the values obtained, you can check whether your blood pressure is normal.

Why measure your blood pressure at home?

Measuring your blood pressure at home is often even more reliable than in a hospital or at the doctor's office. This is because measuring at a doctor’s office will probably create extra tension for you and put you out of your everyday state of mind. This can cause the blood pressure to rise and the results are less reliable. A home blood pressure monitor, on the other hand, is an accessible way to measure your blood pressure because you are at ease and in your own environment. This ensures realistic and reliable results! 

In addition, by measuring your blood pressure yourself and not going to the hospital or the (family) doctor, you ensure that care is not unnecessarily overburdened. After all, if your blood pressure is good, treatment is not necessary. And that is, of course, what you are assuming! Any home measuring can therefore serve as a check or an evaluation of the treatments used by doctors, for example if your blood pressure was on the high or low side and you get medication or treatment for this.

Make sure you have a suitable blood pressure monitor

If you want to measure your blood pressure at home, it is important that the blood pressure monitor complies with the standards of various international medical and scientific institutes. Nobraa sells various blood pressure monitors which are suitable for this purpose and with which you can reliably measure your blood pressure. So buy your blood pressure monitor now and make sure you always have a healthy blood pressure! 

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